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In Yolo County
Since 1989


Voted #1 in Yolo County!

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Who We Are

About twelve years ago, Tom and Evelin Wendt decided to combine their passions and talents to form a unique enterprise, Amana Essentials. Nestled in a quiet courtyard in downtown Woodland, we have tried to provide an oasis of peace and tranquility in our stress-packed world. We are proud members of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce and the Sunrise Rotary Club of The Amana Team Woodland.

What We Do
    Massage As the original Massage Establishment sanctioned by the city of Woodland, we are extremely proud of our highly trained and experienced Certified Massage Therapists. We have been voted many times as the “Best Place for Massage” in Yolo County.

    Acupuncture Thomas Wendt and Christopher Gentry are licensed by the state of California as a primary healthcare professionals. Both Tom & Chris have four years of post graduate medical training at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College (AIMC) in Berkeley. Insurance billing accepted. Se habla Espanol (510-908-1991)

    Herbal Medicine We have the most complete herbal apothecary in Yolo County. We have a well stocked collection of bulk Chinese herbs, a wide assortment of herbal capsules, extracts, and topicals, and our own line of highest quality essential oils.

    Gift Shop Evelin is constantly updating her unique and eclectic array of products. In addition to her well-known line of hand-made Microwavable Herbal Hot Packs, she also maintains a variety of high quality candles, soaps, teas, skin care products, and other exclusive gift ideas.

What does Amana Mean?
Our first grandchild’s first word was “amana”. It was his attempt to say our names, oma & opa, German for grandma & grandpa. We thought it was cute and decided to name our new business Amana Essentials. Since then we’ve discovered that this term is very appropriate for what our business represents (“…from out of the mouths of babes…”).

Arabic: peace or tranquility; adopted by the Muslim publication Amana which attempts to promote peace in the Middle East

Hindi: one of our Essential Oil distributors is from India and her name is Amana. She says it means open-minded (literally empty-headed).

Spanish: several of our Spanish speaking clients have thought our name comes from a spanish phrase for massage, “a mano”, or by hand.

Native American: we met a woman from the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico who informed us that their traditional healer or shaman was known as Amana.

Hebrew: originally from the Song of Soloman, amana means truth (later adapted by the famous Amana colonies, and later the appliance company)

Elfin: one of our teenage patrons told us that in the language created by J.R. Tolkein for the elves, amana means light or luminescence.

Massage available by appointment 7 days a week
Thank you!
We would like to thank all of Yolo County for their support over the years

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